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About us

At Smilebright we sell a wide range of oral care products under the name Smilebright. We are probably best known for our teeth whitening products that we sell across Europe. We are a brand that sells our products in more than 10 countries. In a short period of time we have been very successful with our unique and organic teeth whitening products. You can only buy our products on our own website, and you can find us in countries such as Denmark, Germany, Sweden and England.

Smilebright has had over 100.000 satisfied customers. One of the reasons for our satisfied customers is, among other things, that we have 100% satisfaction guarantee when purchasing a product with us. This means that if you have received a product from us, where you are not satisfied with quality, we will refund you freely without asking questions. In addition, we also have free shipping on all our orders to wherever you are in the world.

Let your smile speak for you

The idea of Smilebright really occurred when we looked for a proper organic teeth whitening product that did not cost alot. We thought it was impossible to find such a product - and the idea about an organic teeth whitening product evolved. Traditional teeth whitening is very expensive and usually involves getting it done by a dentist who uses unnatural ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide. It is an effective ingredient, but there are several negative things about hydrogen peroxide, such as damaging your enamel. We believe that good oral care is essential for good health, and we are therefore very aware that the content of our products is natural and at the same time has the best effect.

Our mission at Smilebright is to spread the positivity and joy of people through smiles. We believe that a smile is the most amazing property we as human beings have. It does not cost anything to smile, and therefore we encourages everyone we meet on our way to smile more - because it just makes life amazing. We guarantee that you will have the most amazing and whitest smile you have ever had using Smilebright.

Company information

The Smile Company ApS
Christiansmindevej 12D
DK-8660 Skanderborg
VAT: 39745240
+45 71 99 51 08
[email protected]